Covid-19 Testing by an FDA 



What’s different about us?

We are a CLIA certified lab, with the most reliable and accurate testing methodologies, that offers tests in accordance with FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) requirements.

Many websites that offer Covid-19 tests send your test to third-party labs. We do not. We test your sample ourselves.

How it works.


Complete an intake questionnaire that is evaluated by a doctor or nurse practitioner. 

Sample Collection

Get your sample taken at your workplace or receive a testing kit.


Get results and a follow-up consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner.


For Employers

We offer on-site Covid-19 testing for companies who want to keep their employees safe.

For Consumers

Qualifying individuals can access Covid-19 tests.

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innovative health diagnostic (IHD) Laboratory

California Laboratory License: CLF00342268

CLIA Laboratory Certification: 05D2040304

FDA Registration: FEI3011213917

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